July 2022

Weekly Comic List – July 20th, 2022

New Releases

ABLAZE: Life Zero #6 ABRAMS COMICARTS: Joseph Smith And The Mormons GN ABRAMS COMICARTS – MEGASCOPE: After The Rain GN ACONYTE: She-Hulk Goes To Murderworld A Marvel Multiverse Missions Adventure Gamebook SC You Are Not Deadpool A Marvel Multiverse Missions Adventure Gamebook SC AFTERSHOCK COMICS: A Calculated Man #2 Brother Of All Men #1 Bunny…Read more

Weekly Comic List – July 13th, 2022

New Releases

ABLAZE: Belit And Valeria Swords Vs Sorcery #3 ABRAMS COMICARTS: Best We Could Do An Illustrated Memoir SC AC COMICS: 21st Centurions #9 ACONYTE: Marvel Multiverse Missions She-Hulk Goes To Murderworld SC Marvel Multiverse Missions You Are Not Deadpool SC ACTION LAB ENTERTAINMENT: Ghoul Agency #4 AFTERSHOCK COMICS: Dogs Of London #3 Heathens Hunters Of…Read more

Weekly Comic List – July 6th, 2022

New Releases

A WAVE BLUE WORLD: Mezo Battle At Coban Rock #3 Young Men In Love A Queer Romance Anthology GN ABLAZE: Promethee 1313 #1 AFTERSHOCK COMICS: Almost American TP Astronaut Down #2 Theres Something Wrong With Patrick Todd #1 ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS: Betty And Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest #305 ASYLUM PRESS: Vampires Halloween Special #1 AWA…Read more