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Weekly Comic List – February 7th, 2024

New Releases

1FIRST COMICS: Space Negro The Last Negro #1 ABLAZE PUBLISHING: Traveling To Mars #10 ABOUT COMICS: Scott Shaw!s Comix And Stories SC AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY PRODUCTIONS: Tom Holland’s Fright Night #4 ANDREWS MCMEEL: Zips And Eeloo Make Hummus GN ANTARCTIC PRESS: Exciting Comics #41 Horror Comics #32 Penguina Blackfoot #1 ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS: Archie’s Valentine’s Spectacular…Read more

Weekly Comic List – January 24th, 2024

New Releases

ABLAZE PUBLISHING: Indie Games Hardcovers Volume 1-2 Collected Set Mirka Andolfo’s Un/Sacred Hardcovers Volume 1-2 Collected Set Versus Fighting Story Graphic Novels Volumes 1-2 Collected Set ABRAMS COMICARTS: What’s Wrong Personal Histories Of Chronic Pain And Bad Medicine HC AHOY COMICS: Project Cryptid #5 AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY PRODUCTIONS: Al Capone Vampire #4 Beast Of Bower Boulevard…Read more

Weekly Comic List – January 3rd, 2024

New Releases

3D TOTAL PUBLISHING: Character Design Quarterly Volume 27 SC AC COMICS: Heroine Heaven #4 ALIEN BOOKS: Machine Girl And The Space Hell Engels #1 AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY PRODUCTIONS: Night Of The Living Dead The Complete Collection TP Starring Sonya Devereaux Scream Queens Summer Camp Massacre #1 AMULET BOOKS: Mighty Marvel Team-Up Volume 2 Spider-Man Quantum Quest…Read more