June 2023

Weekly Comic List – June 28th, 2023

New Releases

AARDVARK VANAHEIM: Cerebus In Hell Presents She-Aversions #1 ABRAMS: Spider-Man Across Spider-Verse Art The Of The Movie HC ACONYTE: Marvel Wastelanders Star-Lord Novel SC ADAMS MEDIA: My Manga Collection Tracker SC AFTERSHOCK COMICS: 06 Protocol #3 AHOY COMICS: Billionaire Island Cult Of Dogs TP Gimmick #4 AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY PRODUCTIONS: CursedVerse Blighted Dawn #1 Legend Fell…Read more

Weekly Comic List – June 21st, 2023

New Releases

ABLAZE PUBLISHING: Animal Castle Volume 2 #2 Mighty Barbarians #3 AFTERSHOCK COMICS: Chicken Devils #4 AHOY COMICS: Black’s Myth The Key To His Heart #1 AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY PRODUCTIONS: R.I.G.H.T. Project #1 AMRYL ENTERTAINMENT: Razor’s Edge #1 ANTARCTIC PRESS: Exciting Comics #35 Fantasy Comics Gallery #1 Horror Comics #24 World War 3 Battle Over Hokkaido #5…Read more

Weekly Comic List – June 7th, 2023

New Releases

3D TOTAL PUBLISHING: Prism The Art Journey Of Cosmic Spectrum HC ABLAZE PUBLISHING: Traveling To Mars #6 ABRAMS: SpongeBob Comics Volume 1 Silly Sea Stories TP ABSTRACT STUDIOS: Strangers In Paradise Volume 1 TP ACONYTE: Marvel Heroines Novel Mockingbird Strike Out SC AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY PRODUCTIONS: Carson Of Venus Realm Of The Dead #1-3 Reader Pack…Read more